BTW: the essentials

May 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

I posted recently about some new projects that I’m working on and as I am finishing an essay today that I need to hand in Friday (!) I haven’t really got a lot on my table jewellery-wise. However, I did finally get my act together and get some storage for everything. Previously all my beads, findings and everything else were in little plastic bags inside bigger plastic bags in a giant plastic box under my desk, all jumbled up together and hard to find.

But now…

A fancy new storage unit with all different sized drawers for everything I need, not too big and right by my desk for access (listen, this seems really dorky, but if there’s two things people crush on that they don’t like admitting, it’s STORAGE and STATIONERY). I’ve done it in colour order, because that’s always very pleasing:

Including (L – R) chunky red coral cylinder, handmade polymer clay hearts, yellow agate hoops, and a beautiful button from White Clover Kiln.

There’s a whole row just of slightly different blues. Why do you always end up with so many of a certain colour? Those porcelain pendants (second from right) are from Two Scoops.

As with any lovingly arranged storage, you get the bits where it just turns into ‘misc’ – the two on the right are polymer clay beads and miscellaneous acrylics.

And a whole row of huge, bright, plastic, wood and glass beads of some bizarre shapes and sizes!

On the left are Czech glass flowers from Avedis Beads, some lampwork hoops from HMB Studios, brown freshwater pearls from Two Scoops, bobbly lampwork bead from work, and two wooden buttons from the wonderful Duttons for Buttons in York. On the right is a collection of weird and wonderful lampwork and acrylic beads that I really liked…but now can’t think what to do with, and have far too many. Everyone has a drawer (or box, or bag) like that, right?

So maybe not the most exciting BTW ever – but it definitely was essential! What’s your crafting or jewellery making essential that hey, isn’t glamourous, but you couldn’t do without?


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