bead table wednesday: polymer clay

May 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

This Wednesday I have the final pieces from some polymer clay experiments I’ve been doing on my table, as well as other bits and pieces (oh the mess!).

I had a bit of a weekend off from everything else, celebrating handing my essay in on Friday (hooray!), and Sunday I spent mostly experimenting some more with polymer clay. I got a huge batch of Fimo from the lovely company Beads Unlimited, and wanted to play around with making some moulds, paint texture and different colours.

First of all I started with the moulds. Using some leftover Sculpey I made four thick circles.

I then let the circles dry slightly and drew in simple designs using a knitting needle. Because the circles were so thick I was able to draw a different design on each side:

I then baked the circles til firm and let them cool. Then I used some more clay to create the reverse stamps which were also baked:

These were a complete experiment and it turned out that some of the stamps/moulds worked really well, others not so much. I made some beads, charms, pendants, and a little headpin test too:

After baking these, I played around with some paint textures. I really wanted to use white but unfortunately didn’t have any white acrylic paint to hand – so I used black instead! (Yes it’s the opposite I know but it’s an experiment!)

You can see that the lighter clay pendants and those with an impressed design (rather than a protruding design) were a little brighter. I then went over and sanded the pendants for texture, then varnished them.

The headpins also worked surprisingly well! I gave them a double coat of varnish so they’re shiny and glossy.

I’m going to be making a lot more of these because they are just too cute! I used them just now and one of them (unfortunately) did break. I think if the beads strung on the pin are pushed too far down then too much pressure on the ‘blob’ will make it pop off…but that’s why they’re an experiment! The next step is to to do some more experiments with the charms using white acrylic paint, and maybe do some more abstract pendants with textures on to pick up the paint/sanding.

All in all, very productive I think! Don’t forget to check out the Bead Table Wednesday Flickr pool!


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