operation: tackle that bead stash!

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s a fantastic name, and a fantastic project too! A while ago I got directed to the blog, Operation Tackle That Bead Stash. It’s run by The Crimson Moon and has as its tagline:

Has your bead stash finally morphed from ridiculous to mildly horrifying? Join us as we try to tackle that stash and turn chaos into pretty things!

I am so there.

It seems the love of beading and making jewellery goes hand in hand with the love of buying (or creating) new things to use in that beading or jewellery making. And frankly, I don’t have the pennies or the breathing space to keep purchasing lots of shiny new beads, no matter how much I want to! Plus my boyfriend is slightly concerned over the obsession. The OTTBS blog enables people to use up their existing supplies by posting monthly moodboards (for example, May’s is a striking array of citrus and green colours) to work projects around, reviewing patterns, and maintaining a Flickr group where people can post their creations.

It sounds strange, but after reading through OTTBS and looking at May’s moodboard, it made me think more positively about some of the supplies I had. Some beads or bits of fabric always get relegated to that drawer, the one with all the odd beads in, or the ones that didn’t quite match, or that were a spontaneous (and stupid) purchase. Thinking more positively about these beads stretched me into thinking what I could do with them, where a piece of jewellery could go, and not to worry about making mistakes because I hadn’t spent tons of money on a new piece.

Here are my two pieces, not yet complete, for May’s moodboard. The round piece is an odd chunky glass coin that was bought at a London bead shop. I can’t even remember when, but it must have been at least a decade ago! The seed beads are all those I had leftover from other projects, and I even backed it with some sturdy dark green felt I’d had from a Christmas tree project (don’t ask). I think those tiny gold seed beads just pick up the gold foiling in the coin without being overpowering. The oval is lemon jade: I bought a batch for my friend’s custom necklace and they were a bit too green to go with yellow. I don’t have the neatest beadwork so this was a good opportunity to practice my skills without expending a lot of energies, money or time.

And what are they going to be?

A delicate ring for when I’m feeling fresh and zingy, like a little lime; and a big brassy ring when I’m feeling a bit tart(y), like a lemon! Check out the rest of the entries in the Flickr pool: a random winner at the end of the month will get one of Crimson Moon’s fantastic kits.


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