Bead Table Wednesday: 1/6 Planting seeds

June 1, 2011 § 9 Comments

There’s something quite therapeutic about making jewellery with seed beads. It might be the concentration, or the rhythmic stitch patterns, or maybe the accomplishment of making a tiny piece of sparky, beaded art at the end of it! Either way, the beaded buttons from the last BTW have now morphed into these:

And I also tried out some experiments using grey-purple seed beads and dangles:

Size 9 matte grey-metallic-purple-bronze mix seed beads in tubular peyote stitched rope, Tibetan silver clasp, Czech glass firepolish and flower beads

I really like how this experiment turned out. You can’t see it very well in the photos but the tiny seed beads are this great mix of matte grey and metallic shades that pick out different colours, including a soft, murky purple colour that’s matched in the Czech glass flower and the inside of the firepolish beads. The clasp is quite big but it acts more as a feature than just a finding, and feels more secure than a tiddly little lobster clasp.

With all jewellery, but especially at the moment I feel it when making seed bead jewellery, it’s that each piece teaches me more than the one before. My skills improve and I am more open to trying new stitches, such as Ndebele/herringbone stitch, and am more able to improvise without worrying it will go wrong. I’m starting to work out how things are made, and being aware of when a piece ‘feels’ like it won’t work. It feels pleasant to teach myself ways of doing things (with a little help from Bead & Button!) and to appreciate the work of others because I have built an understanding of techniques and time needed to create these tiny pieces of art. Like with any skill or craft, you plant the first seeds in earnest and then, eventually, start to see them grow.

Check out the other BTW photos over on Flickr!


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§ 9 Responses to Bead Table Wednesday: 1/6 Planting seeds

  • I love the buttons!
    And the bracelet is cute.
    Totally agree on the seed beading therapeutical effect, and the gradual adding on of knowledge and understanding. I love that aspect of seed beading.
    There’s this new book released soon, by Kate McMinnon and Dustin Wedekind. I pre-order a copy. Check my Facebook where I posted about it.

    Funny how we respect different things about the seed beading. I have never dared to try to embed a cabochon or a button. For some reason I think it is very difficult. On the other hand Herringbone is super easy, try tubular with only four beads in each round. Makes a nice squarish rope.

    All my best. I will post my BTW soon also.


    • eleanorsnare says:

      Thanks for your comment Malin. I will check the book out on Facebook, I’ve found books often to be a lot more helpful than online tutorials (except I did like that Flash animation you linked to the other day!)

      It is strange about the how people think different aspects of it will be hard…herringbone just looked so complicated but as soon as I started it it was fine! I will definitely try it in a rope next. And you should try with a button or cabochon! Buttons are good to start because they can be stitched on securely, so less wobbling about.

      Looking forward to your BTW, your photos are always beautiful!

  • Morticia says:

    I love the fastening – wonder if I could make a bracelet comprised almost entirely of those alone….

    • eleanorsnare says:

      Would be expensive though 😉 You should come take the silver-smithing course with me in September at Leeds College of Art, then we can make chains and all sorts!

  • Patty says:

    So pretty love all of them!

  • […] Posted today over on my jewellery blog for Bead Table Wednesday […]

  • dave says:

    Really like the seed bead rope bracelet. Great texture!

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