Art Bead Scene June challenge

June 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

There was a great selection of jewellery made for the May ABS challenge with lots of different textures and materials used from different designers. I didn’t win but I did have an image featured on the blog hop that you can read here – thank you to ABS for picking one of my images!

The new June challenge is up over on Art Bead Scene – and the inspiration painting is stunning! I hadn’t seen the work of this artist before and Malin’s post over on her blog shows some of the contrasting work that he created.

Ophelia by Odilon Redon, c. 1900-1905

The colours within this painting immediately struck me, so to start with, some colour palette ideas:

Although the shapes and the painterly effects of the painting are very soft and fluid, and would translate well into surface textures and mixed media, what I think I will concentrate on are the strong lines. The marked-off fields of colour of the left and right sides of the painting, the strong profile of Ophelia, and the clear round/linear shapes help to contain the splashy colour and define the sense of movement of Ophelia floating through the river.

I have a couple of beads from White Clover Kiln that fit into the colour scheme, but might also make some of my own. As well as the visual qualities of the painting, the subject matter – the drowned Ophelia – is another interesting concept I think I want to work with: the motif of woman, water, and melancholy/strength. Might even write about that in some more detail over on my other blog!

What stands out for you about this painting? What would you draw from it for inspiration?


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§ 3 Responses to Art Bead Scene June challenge

  • I love the color palette you created. It perfectly mirrors my own perception of the painting. What else stands out? I am just helplessly drawn to the yellow leafs on the sharp blue water. Something about them. I would love to do something around that and with dashes of the other colours in your palette. But I have very few yellow art beads in my stash. I will have to be creative and come up with something else, using what I have. Or will I end up making something myself in polymer clay? We’ll see. One thing is for sure. I am totally excited about this month’s challenge. And I am very much looking forward to see what you come up with. And to read your posts as you are getting there.

    • eleanorsnare says:

      Yes yes yes about the yellow and blue contrasts! I’ve been thinking about that too, but how to use yellow and blue together without making it look too simple or brash, but still keeping the boldness of the original. Will you be blogging about making the polymer clay beads? I think that would be really interesting. And this month’s entries I’m sure will be really great!

  • […] blogged about some of the colour palette ideas I had and then I promptly didn’t decide to use any of them, instead going for the murkier, […]

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