Bead Table Wednesday 8/6 Untidy/Tidy

June 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

I always put my jewellery making things back where they came from. Always. Because otherwise I can’t use my desk for studying. I tidy up so it’s all nice and neat, and I can get on with other things. Apparently.

Argh! You can see, all bundled up in the mess with everything else, the lovely lucite beads from Yummy Treasures and Reduction Nation, new seed beads from my trip to the Nottingham Bead Shop, semi-precious nuggets used as cabochons, works in progress for June’s Marcie and Me palette, and loads of other non-bead related stuff. If anything, this photo has made me realise keeping empty silicone cupcake liners in a place where everyone can see you had not one, but two, is just not on. And yes, I should tidy up.

I have now tidied up.

Here’s something readers might not know about me: I only have one ear pierced. It’s pierced twice, but only the one – so I never wear pairs of earrings, and only recently have started to make them in pairs. Here are some of the seed bead earrings that I’m currently working on:

Black firepolish beads with matte grey seed beads and black Swarovski crystals

Plum lucite drops and metallic/opaque seed beads

Matte black lucite drops with matte grey seed beads and Swarovski crystal

Pale lilac and mauve firepolish beads with cream and lilac seed beads

Nearly finished earring with lavender Czech flower

I’m taking a lot of time over these, checking and double checking and redoing them in they’re not exactly right. I redid and finished the first pair (the black triangular ones) as the Czech firepolish beads in one beaded component were slightly less iridescent that in the other. I think I’m going mad! What’s been on your bead table this week? Precision and perfectionism, or are you embracing the mess?

Check out the other BTW images over in the Flickr group!


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§ 2 Responses to Bead Table Wednesday 8/6 Untidy/Tidy

  • Lovely things developing there. I especially like the first ones. And hey, I love your perfectionistic attitude. I strongly believe that makes the difference between something being ok or awesomely great. I also know it is frustrating, coz it makes things take sooooo long at times.

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