Saturday’s Stuff I Love

June 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve had a pretty good week so far – I completed my ABS Challenge entry and my Operation Tackle that Bead Stash entry, as well as a bracelet for myself, and also for the Margie and Me Challenge (I’ll be showing that next week). I also found out (for definite) that I have a new house and will be moving a week today! Very excited about that and will be blogging about the set-up of my NEW crafting and jewellery space as I go along (don’t tell my boyfriend, he thinks that room’s going to be an office…mwahahaha).

This week’s Stuff I Love is brought to you by…roundy-oval things, most with holes in, or holes attached. Intriguing!

Super summery sweetie lampwork discs from HMB Studios

Fantastic texture and colour on this embroidered brooch from Jezze Prints (whose whole shop is wonderful)

My newest favourite Etsy shop Outwest and some more summery lampwork discs

Another great Etsy shop, Stillpointworks, and these polymer clay connectors – like ancient jewels

Pajego Art House‘s springy sprigged ceramic connectors (that have already been sold! damn)

Yellow and black polymer clay beads from JivesJools – remind me of a very very closeup shot of pollen

Staci Louise’s collection of lilypad bezels whose texture and charm are just fantastic

Iridescent peacock links from MissFickleMedia – again, already sold! One day I will have some of MFM’s work…one day

A beautiful necklace made from stones from Jamberrysong

Probably one of my favourite pieces I’ve seen all week – Elisabeth at Beads for Busy Gals necklace made using lampwork beads and charms from Floridity

Have a great weekend and hope this has given you some inspiration – at least some roundy-oval-things-with-holes-in inspiration!


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§ 2 Responses to Saturday’s Stuff I Love

  • Hi Elly,
    Lovely and inspiring picks as always! Thanks for sharing.

    Just thought I would tell you that Shannon of MissFickleMedia might be able to take your custom order. She’s done that in the past I know. She is a lovely person who I also admire greatly professionally. I guess it’s depending on her workload at the time if she can, and how fast she can. She might even do the color of your own choice. If I were you I would make a list of the things I wish from her, and send her a request on Etsy. I know exactly how you feel about just missing THE things. Have had that happening to me many many times. 😦

    I might place an order with MFM myself soon. Need more, always need more of her things 🙂 . And I think they would go perfectly with your style of creating. Go for it, they are sooooo worth the money.


    • eleanorsnare says:

      That sounds like a really good idea! I’ve decided for Christmas and my next birthday, I’m just going to ask for Etsy shop vouchers 🙂 lovely. I might start making a list and then when I’ve got a few more pennies request it from her. Her work really is fantastic and makes me feel very inspired to use it!

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