Bead Table Wednesday: 13/7

July 13, 2011 § 9 Comments

I’m back!

After all the problems with having my laptop stolen (boo), moving  house (yay!), not having bed for over a week (boo again), but now finally sorted and back into the swing of things (yay!), I am back to beading! I’m very happy as I’ve been working on some great projects and now I get to show them to you with a well-timed BTW right when I feel good being back in the blogging saddle.

First of all, I’ve been working on my aunt’s bracelet – remember this purple disaster from before, right at the end of the post? Well I reworked it and re-jigged it and made it into something lovely! Unfortunately I didn’t get to take a photo before I posted it as I was already late for her birthday – but I’m seeing her in August so will get a snap then.

I’ve been working a lot more with seed beads lately (although I have rustled up some strung pieces) and working them round buttons like little cabochons. In the town where I’ve moved to I have found the most wonderful little craft shop that is like an Aladdin’s cave, full of fabric, beads, buttons, trims, and all sort of treats stacked up on each other in any old fashion. They sell mixed buttons by the scoop so I bought some of those – and in a charity shop nearby found some packs  of old, mixed buttons for 50p!

Nautical themed buttons for possibly a bracelet – yo ho ho

I am also using some buttons to create a couple of pieces for a local handicrafts show (more to come on that soon!) including this one which indulges my love of bright colours, brash gold glittery bits, and probably some other stuff thrown in there too:

I need to add a little more pizazz to these somehow. I was trying to find a tutorial for a frilly, fringey bead that I could use to embellish the pendant but having no luck – if you have any ideas I would love to hear them!

Finally, and also a big HOORAY because it was some lovely news for me when I finally did get online: I won the OTTBS June challenge! Woohoo! I won a tutorial created by Sarah from OTTBS to make some Chrysanthemum earrings (you can see a pic here). She posted it very quickly along with some golden-toned beads, and, well, I made them up already. I only have one ear pierced so I decided to make up one for a bracelet focal by following her tutorial and then embellishing the Chrysanthemum with some more golden petals.

Sarah’s tutorial was very simple to follow and complete, and I think the complexity of the finished piece makes it look a lot harder than it is (of course, being me, I wanted to do it with different sized seed beads and three layers of petals…)! I’ve had some of the peanut beads knocking around for a while and wanted to do something with them, but found them to be quite hard to use because they’re so unusual. However, they work really well in this bracelet! The small beads she sent as the focals for the flowers look like tiger’s eye (I’ve used the other one between two peanut beads on the right hand side of the bracelet) and apparently tiger’s eye is meant to be a stone that encourages a positive attitude and increases prosperity. So hooray in general!

I’m hoping this BTW post doesn’t sound completely over the top, but I really am happy to be back doing things I love (beading and blogging) and able to connect again with the community I have been missing out on over these past few weeks. Our friends and family have been of a great help and Him Indoors continues to be wonderful (especially now he has to contend with my beading. All. The. Time) but it is good to get in contact again with beaders out there 🙂

Don’t forget to take a look at the other BTW posts over on the Flickr group – what’s on your table this week?


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