Bead Table Wednesday (?): 19/7

July 21, 2011 § 6 Comments

Mis-timed this post so unfortunately going out on Thursday instead of Wednesday…never mind! I’m managing to fit beading in this week (somehow!) despite doing more hours at work and juggling a million other things. But that means I’m too tired to think of something witty and stimulating to write. You’ll have to have a look at these instead.

Slightly more developed piece from Saturday

Over the top? Me?

Love these pinks against the blue and orange.

Sometimes you want to make simple stuff, like a clustered necklace.

Glass beads, lucite flowers, metals, and sparkles.

Other times you want to make complicated, black and red, evil ruby eye of ancient god type stuff.

I ended up remaking that last piece and getting some better tension and shape to the whole thing, as well as changing the colours of the crystals slightly. Next is to work out how it will sit as a pendant or focal.

In other news, and related to beading, this week is my last week at the bead shop where I have been working for the past year or so. I’m sad to go because I really like working with our team, and I love the regular customers who always pop in, and of course I love the beads! But unfortunately I can’t survive financially on the hours I have, plus I need to concentrate on my dissertation. I would love to own my own bead and jewellery shop (an emporium!) one day – anyone who’s interested in beading I’m sure feels the same – but for now it’s time to stand on the other side of the counter for a while. Onwards and upwards! In the meanwhile, I have some more projects brewing, including a necklace for a gift, and a bracelet inspired by these flowers that are all over Yorkshire:

It’s called Rosebay Willowherb over here, but in America its name is Fireweed, which is a lot more explosive and exciting! Thanks to Leeds Daily Photo website for the wonderful picture and information.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the BTW posts over on Flickr! Have a good day and hope you are moving onwards and upwards too 🙂


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§ 6 Responses to Bead Table Wednesday (?): 19/7

  • Wow Elly!
    That top one could maybe be used in ABS july challenge. Is that your idea perhaps? And yes, it IS over the top, which is great in this case. 🙂

    Pretty flower too.

    Good luck at your new job, even though I don’t yet know what it is.

    • eleanorsnare says:

      Hi Malin! Glad you like the piece. It’s for a competition on Saturday actually – just need to finish it now!

      I think the entries so far for ABS this month have been great but I’m not entering as the painting really didn’t grab me unfortunately. DIdn’t feel very inspired so going to sit it out this month 🙂 Hope you’ve got something cooking though!

      Ah yes the new job…I don’t know what it is yet either, but thanks just the same!

      • Well, I sort of have felt the same way about ABS this month. But now there is something on the table anyway that could work if I get to finish it in time. A chain I recieved from Lima Beads sparked it off for me. We’ll see.There are a few other projects cooking there also, so …

        And since the whole family is on holiday I don’t spend enormous amounts of time in my studio anyway.

        Yeaterday we went to a wild life park near where I grew up. I have not been there for years. It really is an amazing place. It’s called Kolmardens Djurpark. Things are well arranged and I think they have a good life living there. And yet it is sad to see animals being kept captive. Mixed emotions about it all.


      • eleanorsnare says:

        I look forward to seeing your ABS piece Malin – and if it doesn’t morph into the ABS piece then whatever you come up with! Are you all on holiday because it’s the school holidays? The kids here in the UK have just broken up for summer so there’s lots of them playing in our street, very cute!

        I know what you mean about zoos and wildlife parks. I don’t go to them much anymore as there’s several big ones in the UK but all a bit far from where I live. It’s strange seeing the animals caged in that way but I also guess many of them are endangered in the wild, so it can help. Although if humans didn’t endanger them in the first place it would be ok! Down in the south of England there is a great park called Monkey World (funny name) which has a huge, huge space with lots of different types of monkeys in these fantastically huge trees and swings and things. That was really nice because it was so huge they had loads of room to play around. Others I’ve been to aren’t so big and I think that’s when it starts to be a bit sad.

        Anyway…rambling on as usual!

  • Leslie Todd says:

    I love your eye piece! I love the orange with the pinks and blues in the first piece.

    Here’s hoping the new job is exactly what you need!

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