Bead Table Wednesday: 27/7

July 27, 2011 § 4 Comments

This post is more of a recap than anything, although it does have a completed piece which I photographed in some previous posts.

Last weekend I took part in a local handicrafts show. It was the first time I’d entered my work into a real life competition (rather than on a blog!) and I dreamt up a specific piece just for the show. I worked really hard and used a lot of techniques I’d  never done before, including encasing buttons like cabochons and freeform bead weaving. Here’s the final piece:

And some closeups of the little details on the clasp:

…and on the peyote stitched tube that holds the chain together:

I entered three pieces into the show: this one, last month’s ABS necklace I made, and then a pair of traditional-looking cream and lilac earrings. There were a couple of other entrants who had made some sweet strung necklaces.

When I went round after the judging, I saw that my earrings had got second prize, which was really good. However, I did feel disappointed that I had worked really hard on the colourful piece above but hadn’t received any prizes. Maybe it sounds like I’m a bad loser but it was a little disheartening! The piece that won was a tiara with crystals and pearls – traditional but well made. I think this was a case of not judging the audience properly, instead putting in a piece that was maybe a little too outlandish for the show. But I’m pleased I made it and I think it looks fabulous just the same. Plus the whole show was great! Originally it was an agricultural show but has grown to include lots of other things, like handicrafts and stalls for local producers and businesses. They had a show of prize animals, including llamas and baby kid goats which were adorable! Him Indoors also enjoyed himself:

Not sure how safe it was to pet the cow…but they seemed very gentle. They also had a display of vintage cars (loved them) and engines (also loved them). It was a very fun day and instead of worrying about the prizes, enjoyed everything else!

Lately I’ve returned to working with beaded semi-precious stones. Here’s a little preview of one of the pieces, but I want to wait until later this week to reveal them all!

There’s pearls, Swarovski, some beautiful Czech glass from Yashma Creations, strawberry quartz and a piece of … I can’t remember (and I only went in the shop today)! I will find out. It’s getting warmer here and my brain is frazzled (American readers, it is in no way as warm as it is in some of your states…I am just a weakling when it comes to warmth!)

I’ll be revealing some more finished pieces later in the week. Meanwhile, have a look at the other BTW photos over on Flickr!


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