Works in progress: Sea Anemones

July 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

As I’ve started creating more seed bead work, whether it’s weaving or embroidery, I’ve found myself wanting to experiment and push myself more into creating unusual, expressive work.

Recently I’ve been working more on one off pieces using semi-precious stones. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy semi-precious cabochons in the size I want, because of the work that goes into making them so perfect. Instead, I use tumble stones from a local gem and crystal shop which are a lot cheaper but still as beautiful (I especially try to pick out ones with irregularities). I’ve been making the pendants into necklaces: every time I stop and think, ‘Will this go on a bracelet?’ but I can’t ever stop myself from a little more embellishment here, a few more stitches there…and soon it’s too big and has to go round my neck!

Stone: merlinite (also known as dendritic opal) This is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery I’ve ever made!

Stone: still can’t remember… But pink and grey is one of my favourite colour combinations

Stone: sodalite – again with pearls, Czech glass, etc. This time with an asymmetric stringing sequence

I’ve been calling these anemones because they remind me of the tiny jelly-jewel-like creatures you see attached to rocks by the sea. Creating them is organic too, as I put all the coordinating beads together and then experiment with balancing the drops, frills and beads across the pendant. They seem quite fussy and ornate but when they’re teamed with simple clothing they add a little bit more detail and complexity to an outfit.

As you can see I’ve done three already and sort of getting into the habit of a particular style (which I like) but it’s never good to repeat things too often. So I’m going back to doing some bead weaving and stringing, and then will come back to this. In week 9 of Heather Powers’ ‘Inspired by Nature’ challenge the theme is urchins – so I think I will make something then, a little more spiky and punk perhaps! I’d like to join in with some of her challenges before then (dragonflies are so cool!) so may see some other bits before then.

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my new pieces: as always, I’d love to hear what you think!


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