Copper Diem’s Treasury Challenge

August 16, 2011 § 1 Comment


I had a family reunion this weekend which involved a 4 hour train journey to my mum’s, then a 2 hour car journey down South, and then all the way back up again yesterday. So you’ll forgive me for completely forgetting to post the results of Copper Diem‘s awesome Etsy treasury challenge, right? Right.

Here’s the treasury Amy from Copper Diem sent me:

A beautifully textured treasury in orange and teal – one of my all time favourite colour combinations! I loved the variety of texture in this treasury and wanted to pick up on that in my piece, along with the different curved shapes (like the bracelet and the swimming pool ladder).

Although I completed the piece very quickly, I still don’t think it’s quite finished. It’s a double bracelet that can be wrapped around twice, but I’m still not sure of the fastening and whether I want to make it a bit longer.

The beads are a mixture of Czech and Indian glass, freshwater pearls, seed beads, some wooden  and metal beads, ceramic ‘cornflakes’, and the two glass hoops in red are by HMB Studios. The whole thing is strung on some thick matte brown leather, and to space out the dangles I used antique gold jump rings and thick hoops. Threading all those on took a very very long time but I’m pleased with the texture it creates, and the weight of it is just right.

To save your scrolling finger I’ve decided to put the photos in this gallery format, which I think looks nice…might try it for some other ones too!

I don’t know if this is in the rules of not BUT a friend of mine, Emily, who is getting more interested in jewellery making (ok, so I’m encouraging the habit – and?!), doesn’t have a blog. So I gave her the link to the same treasury as me so she could make something in the challenge too! Here it is:

I’m really pleased she made this necklace. Great colours and sparkliness – and look at all the dangles! We didn’t compare notes on these designs and yet we both thought of putting pretty dangles and different textures together. Great minds think alike! It’d be great to get your thoughts on her work, and also so we can encourage her to start her own jewellery blog 🙂 Woo Emily!

You can see all the rest of the participants in the blog list below. Thanks to Amy for such a cool challenge and I hope she does another one soon! (Oh, and sorry I was late).

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Saturday’s Stuff I Love

June 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve had a pretty good week so far – I completed my ABS Challenge entry and my Operation Tackle that Bead Stash entry, as well as a bracelet for myself, and also for the Margie and Me Challenge (I’ll be showing that next week). I also found out (for definite) that I have a new house and will be moving a week today! Very excited about that and will be blogging about the set-up of my NEW crafting and jewellery space as I go along (don’t tell my boyfriend, he thinks that room’s going to be an office…mwahahaha).

This week’s Stuff I Love is brought to you by…roundy-oval things, most with holes in, or holes attached. Intriguing!

Super summery sweetie lampwork discs from HMB Studios

Fantastic texture and colour on this embroidered brooch from Jezze Prints (whose whole shop is wonderful)

My newest favourite Etsy shop Outwest and some more summery lampwork discs

Another great Etsy shop, Stillpointworks, and these polymer clay connectors – like ancient jewels

Pajego Art House‘s springy sprigged ceramic connectors (that have already been sold! damn)

Yellow and black polymer clay beads from JivesJools – remind me of a very very closeup shot of pollen

Staci Louise’s collection of lilypad bezels whose texture and charm are just fantastic

Iridescent peacock links from MissFickleMedia – again, already sold! One day I will have some of MFM’s work…one day

A beautiful necklace made from stones from Jamberrysong

Probably one of my favourite pieces I’ve seen all week – Elisabeth at Beads for Busy Gals necklace made using lampwork beads and charms from Floridity

Have a great weekend and hope this has given you some inspiration – at least some roundy-oval-things-with-holes-in inspiration!

seasonally inappropriate colours

May 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

As I said on the BTW post, I have become obsessed lately with purple, a colour that normally I wouldn’t be drawn to. But I think it’s got worse: I think I’m rejecting the light, summery colours of spring and soon-to-be-summer and being drawn back to shades of dark nights and winter, like purple, black, greys and golds. Cue some of my latest Etsy purchases:

Cabochons (top right) from Yummy Treasures; Beads from ReductionNation

Oooh, dark and moody. Tortured soul, me! Not really, I think I am just being drawn to how ‘simple’ or ‘neutral’ colours like black, grey, purple, or gold can be complex and interesting, depending on texture, shape, and form. I was alerted to the lovely ReductionNation by Marcie (who runs the blog La Bella Joya) after her blogging and further newsletter about using lucite in beaded jewellery. Thanks Marcie – and by the way, everyone, you should really sign up to her newsletter, it’s ace!

Now, off to listen to this…

etsy addiction: peaches and cream

April 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve got so many different inspirations buzzing round my head at the moment, it’s hard to know where to start. I’ve got some bracelets and necklaces sitting there waiting to be made, but these few things on Etsy really caught my eye – in time for summer, a peaches and cream selection of beads and buttons.

Suddenly I’ve also got much more interested in ceramic-type textures combined with other media like fabric and semi-precious stone – the sort of rough and smoothness of the different pieces is satisfying.

From beadfreaky

From AliciasBeads

From jezzeprints

From mksupplies

From BobbiThisnThat

From yummytreasures

From alishawhite

taking the plunge

April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Finally decided to stop blithering about and list some items on Etsy. We’ll see how it goes! You can visit my shop by clicking here. Looking a bit sparse at the moment but got another bracelet to list when I get some photos taken. Yippee!

etsy addiction

March 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

It would be an understatement to say I love Etsy. I also love Regretsy, because I like to keep a healthy perspective on things. Here’s a little collection of Etsy awesome for the Easter holidays.

From Floridity: beautiful blue stamped egg charm, £2.57

From kylieparry: birds on a wire pendant, £10.28

From SandhraLee: swirly blue and white cloud pendant, £6.42

From PajegoArtHouse: three pale green and lemon ceramic connectors, £3.85

From missficklemedia: ocean blue patinated copper beads, £5.14 for 4

From waytobead: vintage rhinestone and pear shaped stone drops, £2.11 for 2

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